Hello, I'm Neil Keena.
I'm a full-stack web developer.

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I've had the opportunity to build applications for business, non-profit, government, and education; giving me 10+ years of professional experience.

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How I can Help


I'm an expert in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. My favorite frameworks include Laravel, Vue.js, and Tailwind CSS.


Whether it's a web backend to a mobile app or connecting with third-party services; I have years of experience building and working with APIs.


Everything from UI design, responsive layouts, UX, color and font selections; designing web applications is what I do best.


I work primarily with relational databases in MySQL. I also have experience working with Redis servers, Memcached and file based caching.


Besides writing well documented code, I've also written online documentation for both developers and users - complete with screencasts.


I'm proficient with managing hosting servers using Laravel's Forge and can provide zero-down time deployment with Envoyer.


I've worked with Digital Ocean, AWS, and a number of CDNs. I can monitor servers and track errors using services like BugSnag, Sentry, and Blackfire.


I can configure load balancers, DNS, MX records, and SSL certificates. I've implemented both vertical and horizonal scaling solutions to increase performance.


Utilizing queued jobs with Redis, Beanstalkd, or Amazon's SQS, I can automate and schedule background tasks or send transactional emails.

About Me

I built my first website at 16 years old using nothing more than a simple text editor. Since then, I've been building web applications of all shapes and sizes. I built and currently manage applications for two non-profit charities missions.me and angelhouse.me. I've been the Senior Web Developer on staff at Missions.Me since 2014. I reside with my wife, Cathleen, in Orange County, California.

When I'm not writting code, I enjoy hiking, biking, traveling abroad, reading, good coffee, and Star Wars.